South Australian Aquaculture

The South Australian aquaculture industry has developed substantially in the past decade with premium quality, high value species being the cornerstone of the industry.

South Australia's international reputation for a clean and unpolluted environment is a vital asset for all our products. The availability of land in a range of climates and suitable coastline and freshwater areas gives South Australia the ability to farm a variety of species for domestic and export markets.

Tuna and oyster farming are currently the main aquaculture industries. Expanding sectors include land-based abalone, marine algae, barramundi and freshwater crayfish (yabbies and marron). Emerging offshore marine industries such as rock lobster, mussels, scallops and fin-fish farming are currently being further developed into profitable commercial productions.

A thriving oyster industry has been established in Franklin Harbour, with a number of farms now in commercial production of these delicacies. The clean, sheltered water of the Harbour provide an excellent environment for aquaculture, and the Pacific Oyster grown locally are recognised as amongst the best quality available anywhere. Fresh, locally grown oysters are available all year around, from a number of retail outlets in the town or from the oyster growers themselves, who can be found along Oyster Drive.


Enquiries relating to aquaculture in South Australia can be directed to:

Primary Industries and Resources South Australia (PIRSA)
Fisheries and Aquaculture Group
GPO Box 1625 Adelaide SA 5001
National (08) 8226 0314
International +618 8226 0314
National (08) 8226 0330
International +618 8226 0330

The South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI)
SA Aquatic Sciences Centre
PO Box 120 Henley Beach SA 5022
National (08) 8200 2400
International +618 8200 2400
National (08) 8200 2481
International +618 8200 2481

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