Agriculture in and around Cowell

In 1853 the districts first farmers settled, and the clearing of land began. Since then the land-surrounding Cowell has been used for both crop and livestock farming. The major crops of the area are cereals (wheat, barley and oats), legumes are also grown.
Sheep are still farmed in the district, with the addition of Cattle and Goats more recently.

The local rainfall can be somewhat unreliable with an average of 281mm.

The agricultural land surrounding Cowell varies greatly in topography, from the flats north of Cowell to Mt Olinthus at 455m in the Cowell-Cleve hills.

Salinity is yet to be the big issue it is else where, with some areas affected by dryland salts and coastal salt swamps surrounding Franklin Harbour.

The land has been cleared for many years however there are still many patches of remnant scrub in the area.


Bureau of Meteorology - Silo Services for Agriculture
Primary Industries and Resources South Australia (PIRSA)

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