Australia Day - Citizen Awards

2017 Australia Day Award Recipients

Citizen of the Year : Robert 'Bob'Schultz

Junior Citizen of the Year : Alexis Williams

Event of the Year : Skate Park Committee - Opening of Skate Park

Since 1981 Australia Day Awards have been presented to community members at a public ceremony. The awards provide the community with an opportunity to publicly acknowledge the contribution made by certain individuals for the betterment of the district.


Australia Day Awards are awarded to community members who have made a significant contribution to the local community in any field. Nominations are called prior to the event for worthy recipients in the categories of:

  • Citizen of the Year
  • Young Citizen of the Year
  • Event of the Year

Past Australia Day Receipients






 Jean Tonkin


Cowell Lions Markets 


 Johanna Sampson


 Cowell Ute Muster & Country Music Concert


 Michelle Curtis

 Kirralee Wagner

 Cowell Ute Muster & Country Music Concert


 Danielle Osborne

 Jo Story

 Cowell Ute Muster


 Valma Tonkin




 Bruce Francis

 Jasmine Piggott


2010 Bob Norris  NIL   
2009 Sam Bass  NIL   
2008  Betty Franklin  NIL   
2007  Verran King  Stephanie Gale   
2006  June Franklin  Kyla Hornhardt   
2005  Des Jones Ben Franklin   
2004  Terry Hickman  NIL   
2003  Joan Airy  Andrew Story   
2002  Karen Wildman  Sam Franklin   
2001  Vicki Elleway  NIL   
2000  Margaret Deer  Ben Deer   
1999  Sid Story  Luke Tonkin   
1998  Jim West  NIL   
1997  Daisy Maxted  Troy Turner   
1996  Kevin Little  Scott Brine   
1995  Glad Smith  Aaron Turner   
1994  Coral Wiseman  Lee-Anne Flavel   
1993  Lydon Carmody  Jane Starr   
1992  Noel Ramsey  NIL   
1991  Mollie Ogden  Adrienne Todd   
1990  Ron Elleway  Andrew Leggate   
1989  Roy Jacobs  Rachelle McFarlane   
1988  Yvonne Wiseman  Vanessa Crab   
1987  Gordon Schutz  Aaron Turner   
1986  Mr A.E.F Bagnell  NIL   
1985  Mr. John Hanson NIL  
1984  John Burton  NIL   
1983  Mr H.A. Schiller  NIL   
1982  Ellen Schumann  NIL   
1981  Eric Llewelyn  NIL   
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