The FISHWATCH number is 1800 065 522

FISHWATCH is still a free-call number (except from mobile telephones) and it operates 24 hours per day. It is a means by which members of the community can keep up to date with the latest fishing rules.
FISHWATCH is available for the reporting of illegal fishing activity. Report any suspected fishing offences to FISHWATCH or by sending in the form below.
The information received through FISHWATCH is treated with the strictest confidentiality and provides fisheries compliance officers with direct and timely information, which may be utilised at the time of the report or may provide further information, which may assist with ongoing investigations.
When calling FISHWATCH to report a suspected fishing offence, it is important that you provide as much detail as possible. The details should include the following (where possible):

  • The exact location of the offence (where local names are only known, some detail on how to access the particular area is needed);
  • The type of illegal fishing activity (eg. taking undersized fish, netting etc);
  • A description of the suspected offenders, in particular the clothing they may be wearing,
  • Registration numbers of vehicles, vessels or trailers
  • Names if known or any distinguishing features;
  • The time of the activity;
  • Any other information that you feel may be useful to officers who may investigate the activity, such as where the vehicles are parked if away from where the activity is occurring, the direction from where the suspect vessel came and any other suspicious activity that may be associated with the activity.

If you have information about any illegal fishing activity, send it to:
GPO Box 282
Port Adelaide SA, 5015
Or call the toll free number 1800 065 522

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